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Teeth Whitening in Midland, Texas

Teeth Whitening Midland

Every person's desire is to own a good-looking smile. A beautiful smile can boost your self-confidence and make you look younger and healthier. Since bright teeth are one of the key factors of a good-looking smile, people visit our Midland, TX office looking for tooth whitening procedures. Here in our office at Gray Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we aim to offer the most suitable treatment to all our patients. Our teeth whitening treatment in Midland is quick and very effective in smile enhancement. If you are unhappy with your teeth, we invite you to discuss your concerns with our dentists. Drs. Chet, Wesley Gray and our team can create one of the best treatment plans to fit your aesthetic needs.

The color of your teeth

The natural color of teeth is different from person to person. The color can be broadly classified into gray, reddish-gray, reddish-brown and reddish-yellow. Healthy teeth with a thick enamel layer look natural. When the diet of the person involves too much dark colored fluids such as coffee, tea, soda, and wine, the teeth tend to stain. The porous enamel layer attracts pigments of dark-colored fluids. Once the porous enamel layer is occupied with these pigments, the teeth look less bright. This process is called staining. The teeth may get discolored by habits like smoking as well.

Tooth whitening process in Midland

Any person who wishes to get the teeth brightened can visit our office to undergo the treatment. Teeth can be brightened as long as they are free from infection and do not carry a dental restoration such as the crown. If there is tooth decay or infection, the condition may have to be treated first. We take pictures of teeth and measure the brightness using shade scale. Teeth whitening in Midland starts off with drying the teeth and covering the gums with a protective shield. Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide having the ability to enter the porous enamel layer and clear the stain. The whitening agents undergo oxidation in the porous enamel layer. These agents are applied over the teeth surface carefully and a special light is shined over them. This accelerates the process of teeth whitening in Midland. On completion of the process, patients can see the improvement of their teeth by comparing on the teeth whitening scale. Our dental team explains to patients how to protect their teeth to ensure that the brightness lasts a long time.

In other cases, the teeth may look dull because of wearing out of enamel layer, infection of the teeth and intrinsic staining. Our dentist performs a thorough dental check to let patients know the cause for the discoloration of teeth.

Discoloration of teeth

The natural color of teeth is different for every person. The color of teeth can be broadly classified into four categories namely Gray, Reddish Gray, Reddish Brown and Reddish Yellow. The teeth tend to get discolored when they are exposed to dark-colored fluids, smoking and because of certain medications. During a cosmetic dental consultation, our dentist finds the cause for discoloration and recommends treatment. The discoloration is broadly classified into two types namely internal and external discoloration.

Zoom Teeth Whitening in Midland

The teeth and gums should be free from infection in order to undergo teeth whitening procedure in Midland. The first and foremost step taken by our team is to examine the oral cavity. We measure the brightness of teeth using shade scale. We take pictures of teeth. The treatment starts with an application of protective gel to gums and Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel on the teeth. A special Zoom light is shined over the teeth for 15 minutes. The hydrogen peroxide undergoes oxidation and clears stain from enamel layer. This process is repeated twice. Tooth whitening in Midland takes less than an hour and patients can see the results immediately after the treatment. Sometimes a professional tooth cleaning may be recommended before Zoom tooth whitening.

Several factors affect the color of your teeth. The thickness of enamel, your food habits, and fluoride intake can decide how bright your teeth are. Tooth whitening is a cosmetic solution that is recommended when your teeth are stained and dull. Speak with one of our Midland cosmetic dentist Drs. Chet or Wesley Gray about teeth whitening in Midland, TX to know the cause for teeth staining and how our Zoom Tooth Whitening can brighten your smile.

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