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5 Dental Care Tips to Improve Your Oral Hygiene Routine

5 Dental Care Tips to Improve Oral Hygiene

Talk about dental care, oral hygiene comes above anything. Right from your childhood, it is something you might have taken care of. Oral hygiene lays the base of great dental health. Additionally, routine dental care with a good dentist keeps your oral health safe.

Remember, when you were a kid, you were so strictly asked not to munch on those candies or ice-creams every now and then? Even if you were not stopped from having those, you might certainly have been instructed to brush your teeth every time you sneaked out of bed to catch a bite of chocolate from the fridge. Because, the very basics of dental care begins early and impacts your teeth in the long run. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 ways to select a family dentistry in Midland for your dear ones. However, here is a quick recap of those good old dental care tips to keep your oral hygiene at peak.

5 Tips for Dental Care in Midland:

  1. Brush Your Teeth Before Retiring to Bed:

    This is the 101 of any dental care routine. No matter what you eat or drink, cleaning up your teeth with a gentle brush before bed is indispensable. Not only does it remove those little bites and crumbles of food stuck between your teeth, but also saves you from stinking orally. It helps to stop bad breath as well.

  2. Flossing Shouldn’t Be Ignored:

    This is as important as brushing, especially for those who have undergone dental treatments. Flossing helps eliminate the little pieces of candies, corn, broccoli or meaty fibers stuck between your teeth. Using dental floss once before bed or in the morning helps in good oral care.

  3. Scrape Your Tongue Well:

    How many times has it happened where your dentist in Midland or a doctor asked to see your tongue and complained about the whitish tinge? Well, tongue is an important part of your oral hygiene and you need to brush and clean your tongue gently, but well. This stops bad mouth odor and restricts any other digestive problem.

  4. Use a Gentle Toothbrush and Non-chemical Toothpaste:

    When it comes to oral hygiene, gentleness should never be ignored. Use a soft brush with gentle bristles for your teeth so that whenever these hit your gums, it doesn’t prove harsh. Also, try getting tooth paste that’s medically approved and contains fluoride.

  5. Mouthwash is Important:

    Let’s not go with those fancy advertisements for mouthwash. You can have your mouth cleaned with lukewarm water, especially when you savor sugary items. You can seek advice from your dentist in picking up a good mouthwash liquid.


For a nice dental checkup and dental care in Midland in a routine manner to keep your oral health good and safe, visit Dr. Gray. To fix a dental checkup call us at 432-694-5741 and schedule an appointment today.

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